What To Do When An Accident Occurs in the Workplace

When people are talking about accident workplaces, one thing that is also being discussed is the compensation and replacements from the accident. The accident that occurs during work is usually being defined as an unexpected incident that rises on the workplace. It can be caused either by negligence, the unsafe work environments, the safety equipments that are not being provided, and many more. Because of this kind of incident make the worker unable to do their job, the States obliges all companies to provide insurance for their employees. The purpose of this insurance is to provide medical benefits and compensations for the workers.

When there is any accident to be likely occurring on the workplace, it is necessary that people report it. People must report the incidents to the Incident Contact Centre of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The report must contain any damages such as death, injuries, incidents, traumatic accidents, and also diseases that appear from the workplace. Preventing any accidents to be occurred in the workplace is not only the responsible of the employers, but also the workers are responsible to maintain their safety and health as well. Under the State’s Law, people are required to report the accident if there is any body injuries, illness, dangerous occasions, and any other accidents that are regulated by DGSM Act. The accident report workplace is compulsory and there will be any penalties if people don’t report it.

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