What are the Injuries Involved in Workplace Injury Law?

Getting injured in the workplace might seem straightforward. Especially, when you’ve only obtained a mild injury, that doesn’t even need to be looked at or attended to.

When it comes to the business of construction, using machinery, or any company that has some danger involved, potential workplace injuries can be brutal. Now, it’s not necessarily to say that you must work in an environment, to only pose a risk for your health, or cause a potential injury, because there are many factors that can cause you to get an injury. Something as simple as even getting on a ladder could cause a potential injury.

That is why all states, within the United States, require registered businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance, which is also known as workman’s comp.

What is Workman’s Comp?

It is a type of insurance that protects employees, who obtain a workplace illness or injury, on duty. Workman’s comp thus pays any medical expenses and sometimes, even cash, to the employee injured.

Sometimes the Workman’s Compensation program isn’t active on such a scale, within a company, and the employee still requires the help of a legal attorney, to protect their rights when it comes to IOD’s.

What is Considered Workplace Injuries by Law?

Since there have been millions of injuries reported in the U.S, over the last few years, the law that protects employees, is extremely important.

Most of the reported injuries usually result from falls in physical working environments, as well as those that require one to be able to work with machinery.

The most common workplace injuries include illnesses that result from repetitive motion injuries, falling off high places, working with materials and machines, as well as motor vehicle accidents.

Falls – As one of the most common workplace injuries in the U.S, falling can cause some serious damage, especially when falling from extreme heights. Falls are the most common injury to occur in construction work, and can even result in broken bones, trauma, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and in severe cases, and also result in death. Falling might be caused by work environments that aren’t set up in such a way that is safe or meet the standards of onsite safety.

Motor Vehicle Accidents – This type of accident may occur a work-vehicle is involved. Any injuries caused to, and from work, which involves the employee’s car, are not compensated.


Repetitive Motion Injuries – Injuries that result from performing movements repetitively. Injuries that may be caused are carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and bursitis. Repetitive motion injuries are known as injuries that occur the most in the work environment.

Falling because of Slipping – If a work environment has a hazardous environment, that causes an employee to slip and fall, it is considered an injury on duty, that must be compensated by the company.

Spinal Cord and Musculoskeletal Injuries – These injuries occur due to carrying, lifting and lowering heavy loads.

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