Workers Compensation and Work Injury Lawyers

It is important to know whether you’re entitled to a workers’ compensation if you’ve suffered from a work-related injury or illness. This article will help you figure out the same.

You’re entitled to a direct compensation without legal proceeding if the following are true:-

  1. If you’ve suffered a minor injury in a workplace of the likes of a twisted ankle
  2. An admission by the employer of said injury
  3. Little to no work has been missed
  4. If the injury doesn’t affect an area of the body that has a pre-existing condition.

If any of the above statement applies to you, it is still wise to consult an attorney before appealing for compensation as they can guide you through potential pitfalls. They can also provide an opinion whether or not the case can handle without an attorney and on your own.

A lawyer must be hired when any complexity arises. Complexities such as

  1. When the employers deny your claim or reject claims from a bona fide employee with the underlying intention that the worker wouldn’t appeal.

9/10 times, the employer is correct but it’s better to lawyer up so as to amplify your chances to receive your award.

  1. If your employer doesn’t cover all lost wages in the final settlement offer.

This also includes if your employer doesn’t cover medical bills. If the settlement offer covers only workers’ compensation, then you have every right to go after more. Although cases such as this need the approval of a judge, they only sign off if the offer is seen as unfair.

  1. When you have to apply for disability benefits.

A lawyer may be needed if you’re entitled to disability benefits; that is if you previously suffered from a permanent, partial or total disability. Benefits can be in the form of insurance as well.

  1. When your employer redresses your claim for compensation

If a case arises where the employer has shown unfair treatment towards the employee; such as firing you or demoting you or reduced your pay.

Men at Work

  1. When a third party action is the cause of your injury

These include actions outside of the workplace, such as being injured on the way to work. This presents a strong case outside of the workers’ compensation’s jurisdiction. The expertise of a lawyer will prove extremely handy in a situation such as this.

While hiring a lawyer can maximize the chances of getting compensation, make sure you have a strong case so that the lawyers can do everything in their power to get you that compensation.



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