• Cliff’s Legal – “I was arrested on September 17, 2000 for originally 6 counts of Workman’s Compensation Insurance Fraud. This grew to 10 counts at my booking and then to 12 during my preliminary hearing. To this day, I still do not understand why I am being accused of a crime where there is no crime!! The chiropractic visits I were for a pinched nerve to the left of my right shoulder blade, not an injury. Believe it !!! It could happen to you!!!!”
  • My State Fund Story – “My State Fund Story is about State Compensation Insurance Fund, a State Agency. And how they are allowed to defraud injured workers out of medical benefits that could be life saving, and force families into poverty. All the while their illegal acts are being ignored or sanctioned by those Government agencies meant to uphold the law.”
  • Where Does The Injured Worker Get Help? – Delays and Denials – “by: Richard Heckman.”

Illinois Injured:

  • Injured Workers of Illinois’ Homepage – “Injured workers of Illinois is a group of Illinois workers who were injured on the job. Our experiences in the worker’s compensation system have brought us together for the common cause of reforming the worker’s compensation system so that other future injured worker’s will not suffer the same abuses that we have under the present system. We in no way profit or benefit from the reforms that we are seeking and only hope to help future injured Illinois workers!”

Louisiana Injured:

  • Louisiana Injured Workers Union and Louisiana Injured Workers Union Education Fund – “The insurers do anything they can to make sure we get as little as possible. They hold up our money to starve us into low settlements. They hire private eyes to make sure that even our “good days” are held against us. They hire bogus vocational nurses to force us into bad jobs at poverty wages. They implant their own doctors to take care of them, not us. They even keep lists of injured workers so that future employers can “screen us out” of those few jobs we can do.”

Maine Injured:

  • JudyDoc – Dr. Judy Morris, M.D. – Disabled Worker – “My name is Dr. Judy Morris. I was an Emergency Room Physician disabled by an immunologic condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. With my doctor’s approval I submitted applications for disability benefits from UNUM Insurance Company of Portland, Maine, with whom I had purchased an individual policy and been provided a group policy through my employer.”

Massachusetts Injured:

  • Bill Silverstein – – “I started this site as a way to guide and to help other people who have been harassed, or who have been discriminated or retaliated against simply because they asserted their rights under the law. It is my hope that others would be able to avoid the physical and emotional agony, injury, torment and abuse that I’ve had to endure from a bad employment situation at Microsystems Software. If people know their rights under the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) , the ADA, and workers compensation, they may avoid some suffering and further injury.. “

New York Injured:

  • Injured Workers of New York – “Injured Workers of New York, Inc. is celebrating it’s 10th year of service to those workers who have been injured on the job. We are a Statewide support and advocacy group run by and for injured workers that are trying to navigate the NYS workers’ compensation system.”

North Carolina Injured:

  • Bill Hammel – Bill Hammel has several interesting links on his web site.

Oregon Injured:

  • Injured Workers Alliance – “IWA’s goal is to reform the Oregon Workers’ Compensation System therefore forcing employers and insurance companies to act in a responsible, moral and ethical manner. Presently, workers are routinely denied medical treatment and other injury benefits. As a result, thousands of families are suffering greatly and needlessly. Our site consists of a message forum and over 400 pages of information including an extensive FTP File Room.”
    Oregon IME Survey

Pennsylvania Injured:

  • Pa Injured Workers Forum 4 Change – “A place for people to help each other with chat, message board & group news available 24×7. This forum is setup to offer support, education, references for your research, and to let you know that you are not alone in this process. If you need to ask questions, comment, or just need to rant please feel free. If you have had a positive experience with the compensation system please share your story, it is always great to hear positive stories, it also gives incentives to those who have had a negative experience thus far.”
  • Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania – “My name is Michael A. Kerstetter and I have some information about the Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation System.  I am currently going through a worker’s compensation litigation. I am outraged, by the Workers Compensation Bureau and the worker’s compensation judge, taking my rights to lightly and allowing my employer and the workers compensation insurance company to abuse the system at my expense.”

Utah Injured:

  • Injured Workers’ Association – “If you have been hurt at work in Utah, you need help. We are injured workers too, and we know the system, its problems, its unfairness and its life-threatening and family-altering symptoms. While we do not have all of the answers to your problems, we do have a few. We also have some really good ideas to help and access to legal assistance.”

Washington Injured:

  • – “This page was created because of a growing outcry from Washington State injured workers’ seeking advice and a way to communicate to others experiencing problems with the workers comp claims. Information is the Key to understanding your workers’ comp claim.”

National Injured Workers:

  • Injured Workers’ of America – “By Americas’ MedaKate Organization. Injured Workers’ Uniting For Fair Unbiased Medical Evaluation, Timely Treatment, & Patient Rights Worldwide.”
    Patient’s Bill of Rights
    Employers Responsibilities with Injured Workers’ and Workers’ Compensation
  • Injured Workers Voters Network – “This site is for Injured Workers, Disabled, SSI, Social Security, D.S.H.S. and who ever needs help or wants to change the systems”
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance – “Workers’ Compensation has been designed to be a one stop resource for workers’ comp related information. Searching the web for related info can be a daunting experience due to the amount of information from a vast amount of resources. You could say it’s similar to drinking from a fire hose. Our goal is to provide a concise national resource to facilitate finding the information you need without having to sort through volumes of search results.”
  • Workers’ Comp Meetup – “Meetup with other injured workers and those who are concerned with Workers’ Compensations for injured workers. Discuss lost wages and how to get proper medical care and provide support for one another.”

Injured Workers’ Books:

  • A Job To Die For – by Lisa Cullen.  “Why So Many Americans Are Killed, Injured or Made Ill at Work and What to do About It.”
    Also Available at
    “A Job to Die For is an important book. It tells the gripping story of working people caught up in a system that exposes them to horrendous risks but denies them the most elemental and humane remedies. Cullen tells a shocking story of the government’s inability to protect American workers or even to provide the information that we, as citizens, need to change policy. This book should help to arouse the public to force the government to act. – Gerald Markowitz, Professor of History, John Jay College”
  • Web of Betrayal – by Wendy Ghannam – “Wendy Ghannam is a former U.S. Federal worker who writes in Web of Betrayal, her own personal court–win account of just how insidious and liberally toxic the powers that be truly become when a worker is injured on the job.”
  • Workers’ Compensation 101 – by: Michael L. Douglas. “A great source of information on workers’ compensation, created for the injured worker. This book contains over 150 pages of important information about workers’ compensation, every injured worker should know. Order online – $26.95 via PayPal.”

Beyond Our Borders:

  • Alberta Injured Workers’ Society (Canada) – “We are committed to bringing about much needed changes to a system that has done more harm than good. We believe that this can be accomplished if we all work together. “
  • CIWA – Canadian Injured Workers Alliance – “A worker is injured on the job every 9 seconds. Every time the light blinks (on our website), it signifies that a worker has been injured. Every working day in Canada, three people die from a workplace accident or occupational disease.”
  • (Canada) – “is a collaborative effort of individuals who want to do something about how people with work related injuries and illnesses are treated by their employers, the media, Workers Compensation Boards, and the government. We are injured workers, trade unionists, community activists, doctors and others.”
  • Injured Workers: Organizations (Listing for Canada)
  • Workers Compensation Board – (Of Canada) – “Our Purpose is to give injured workers information via the Internet, To bring awareness of the treatment of injured workers to government, To establish a network and avenue of communication between injured workers of BC, To give help and advice on claims management free of charge, To bring awareness to other Injured Worker Organizations and societies that are of non-profit status, To help find others that can help with advocacy”